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Apple is said to offer an "Always On" display feature, similar to that of the Apple Watch, which allows the screen to permanently stay on.

Android has had the Always On display feature for many years already, but Apple's reasoning was that it would prove to be too much of a distraction in many situations. But then why the change from what Apple previously believed? Further research and studies went into smartphone user behaviour. It was revealed that, in some scenarios, having your screen on permanently limits the type of interaction a user has with their phone.

For example, imagine you are working at your desk with your iPhone beside you on the table. If you receive a notification, you can simply glance at it with the Always On display feature activated, and therefore not have to unlock the display first, saving the user time.

Furthermore, the Always On display feature is optional, and can be switched off at any time in Settings if a user is concerned about distractions or battery consumption.

This feature will be integrated into Apple iOS so, if you have an older iPhone that is compatible with the latest operating system updates, then you'll get this feature as well.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Apple iPhone Always On Display...

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