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Apple has officially issued a new health and safety warning with regards to tech in the iPhone that could potentially interfere with pacemakers.

If you actually take the time to read through the paperwork of your new smartphone, you'll stumble across a variety of health and safety warnings. This includes how far away your device needs to be from you when you sleep, and even how to properly charge your device to prevent possible fires!

But Apple has issued an official public warning which states that their new MagSafe technology, which is included in their iPhones such as the iPhone 12, could potentially interfere with pacemakers – which is a serious health and safety risk. Users with pacemakers need to have their devices at least six inches away from their chest at all times to safely prevent interruptions.

Apple had this to say: "Medical devices can contain sensors that may react to magnets or radio waves that come in close proximity. The company recommends keeping iPhones and MagSafe chargers a 'safe distance' away from medical devices – which it defines as more than six inches apart, or 15 inches apart when wirelessly charging."

So, if you have one of these medical devices, be sure not to pop your new iPhone 12 in your breast pocket!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Apple Issues New Health And Safety Warning. It's a full episode, and includes interesting news updates in the tech industry too.

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