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Are digital cameras still worth buying if you have a great camera on your smartphone?

Since 2010, digital camera sales dropped by a staggering 90%! Consumers are not seeing the need for carrying around a consumer digital camera anymore and, if you pay a visit to your local gadget store, you'll notice that it is hard to even find them available for sale nowadays too.

Camera technology in your smartphone has gotten to a point where they are on par, if not better, than what you'll find in most consumer cameras.

But, will smartphones completely replace digital cameras? Well, not exactly. It all depends on what you're needs are. If you just want to snap some holiday pics and the odd selfie now and then, then there is no need to invest in a consumer digital camera at all. But what about professional photography?

As a photographer, there is nothing more frustrating than someone coming up and asking how many megapixels does your fancy $8,000 DSLR camera have? To which they reply something on the lines of: "Ha! I have twice as many megapixels on my phone, so my smartphone is better!". Megapixels can sometimes be a real disadvantage, especially in lower light conditions!

Aside from that, there is one major flaw of smartphone cameras, its sensor size. The larger the sensor of your camera, the more light it is able to gather per square inch, thus they are much better in lower light and produce images with significantly less noise. Furthermore, professional digital cameras have the ability of lens interchangeability. This means that it can achieve optical effects and not just an effect of processing like your smartphone does. And then, lastly, there is the benefit of accessories to help you achieve creative shots with ease.

So, even though the smartphone has changed the photography industry, it is by no means replacing the need of all digital cameras just yet!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Tech Quickie, on Are Digital Cameras still worth buying?

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