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In the world of filmmaking and videography, your camera and accessories play a vital role in the types of shots you can achieve and most of the time smaller accessories prove to not be so vital, but can indeed make your filming experience far easier but it comes at a price as most camera accessories are not exactly cheap.

But what about external field monitors? Are they actually worth it?

Most modern video cameras, mirrorless and DSLR cameras have some sort of LCD display that allows you to compose your shots in live view, check and make changes to camera settings and give you a good idea of your exposure, but they are by no means perfect.

Camera bodies are usually designed to be handheld, and when doing so the size and viewing distance of the LCD screen is more than satisfactory, but when you put your camera on a gimbal, Glidecam or shoulder rig you might notice that the screen is either covered with accessories or not at an adequate viewing distance which makes judging composition and checking focus and exposure more difficult. That is where external displays come into play.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Parker Walbeck on the Best Camera Monitor To Buy In 2020? (10 THings To Look For)...

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