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Majority of the people out there have got some sort of sticker that hides their face from being seen through their webcam by some stranger sitting halfway across the plant.

Huawei’s response to the tape-over-your-webcam phenomenon will immediately remind you of James Bond. The camera is hidden discreetly in your keyboard, right between F6 and F7. By pressing it, the key rises above the surface to reveal a webcam pointing at you. Press the camera down and you’re protected from people remotely hacking into your camera and your life.

The physically moving webcam would ensure you don’t have a camera pointing at you without you knowing what’s happening on the other side. When the camera docks into the keyboard, it doesn’t film anything (or rather, anything of consequence). What this also enables Huawei’s MateBook X Pro to do is follow the rising trend of obliterating bezels around screens. Removing the webcam from the top of the screen, the MateBook X Pro, as a result, has a 91% screen to body ratio, with the upper half having a bezel only at the bottom end (where the hinge begins).

There are a few complaints that the camera while looking super cool, captures you from a rather unflattering angle. Might be a small price to pay for protecting your privacy, what do you think?

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