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In designing the D4H mirrorless camera, Mindaugas Petrikas changes the world's perception of what a camera should look and feel like. Designed with ergonomics in mind, he looked to the 8mm cine cameras where the quality of the picture was directly linked to the steadiness of the hand.

The same design language is applied to the D4H with its vertical grip and strong contact points. Despite being handheld in this manner, it is still an incredibly compact design. A lot of thought went into the search, viewfinder and buttons, users can even operate it with one hand. The buttons on the camera are intelligently designed to adapt to user's actions. The main control dial is used to turn the camera on. When switched on, users can turn the dial to either select the shooting mode, adjust the aperture, shutter speed or ISO. The camera does not feature a big screen, instead, you can review your footage captured directly through the viewfinder which sports a high-res display.

Photography is a visual art, that is why photographers should find their cameras visually appealing. A camera should make you want to hold it and the gadget should invite you to go on an adventure of sorts.

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