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Want to up your vlogging game and take the next step into better video quality and sound? Here are some of the best vlogging accessories.

Vlogging can easily be done with a simple action cam or even your smartphone, but, they are incredibly limited in terms of what you can do with them. For instance, you won't be able to swap out a lens for a different look, and they don't usually offer a way to see live view, unless you're using the poor quality front-facing camera on your smartphone. On top of that, the audio quality might be a concern as well.

The most important accessory is the camera itself. For vlogging, you will most likely be holding the camera for most of your filming so big, chunky and heavy cameras might be a bad idea!

Consider investing in a compact camera or a lightweight mirrorless. Compact cameras these days are by no means "entry-level" – they offer fantastic video quality, most at 4K resolution, and are very sharp as well. The only issue is the fact that you can't change lenses if you wished to do so. If swapping out a lens is important to you, then consider a mirrorless camera. An important consideration will be to choose a camera with a swivel screen so you can flip it around and see your composition as you're filming.

Next, if you're serious about vlogging, investing in a good microphone will drastically improve your production quality. There are many compact mics available on the market today. Consider one that fits into the camera's hot shoe so you can simply plug and play. A compact shotgun mic is a good option for this.

Lastly, you want to make your filming experience as convenient as possible for yourself. Holding the camera will eventually become tiresome, and it's usually not great for stabilisation. Again, weight is everything, so don't go out and invest in a full-size monopod which you'll most likely use for the shortest time. You can actually get dedicated camera holder systems that are ergonomically designed to be handheld comfortably, allowing you to easily rotate it as smoothly as possible. Furthermore, if you're interested in gimbals for vlogging, the lighter the camera the better for the gimbal. If you have a full-size mirrorless or DSLR, chances are they will not work with most small camera gimbals!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Tech Gear Talk, on the Best YouTube Vlogging Camera Setup 2021...

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