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"Free to play" games have been on the market for quite some time already and usually there is a catch, either the user has to watch a considerable amount of ads during gameplay to justify the developers time in order to create the game in the first place, and these kinds of games are usually of a lower standard and are not that intricate or "amazing" to say the least, secondly, you also get free to play games that are absolutely incredible, but after some time you realise that after some time and progress made in the game it becomes so difficult that you have to make in-game purchases to make any further progress in the game.

But now game developers have come up with an entirely new mindset around how games might work from now on. Users will have the ability to collect and purchase NFTs embedded within the game that holds real-world value.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Tech Quickie on Blockchain Games Are Here - What You Should Know...

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