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Take a look at this lidar scanner demo on the iPhone 12 which gives you instant 3D scans.

During the Apple product release conference on October the 13th 2020, Apple unveiled the brand new iPhone 12 range and, when they were going through some of the specifications and features, it was announced that the new iPhone's will come with a Lidar scanner!

There are two main reasons as to why Apple included the lidar scanner. One being, to give the camera's autofocus system the most accurate method to get focus, especially in lower light situations,. Secondly, iPhone users now have the ability to create interactive 3D scans of whatever they want!

Once you have scanned a 3D object, you can then view it on the phone in 3D, you can move it around, zoom in, zoom out, and even superimpose it onto different spaces with the help of AR. So, for example, you could scan a Lamborghini at a car show, then go home and see how good it would look on your driveway!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Laanlabs, on the Lidar Scanner iPhone 12 Demo - Instant 3D Scans.

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