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There are rumours that the new Apple iPhone 12 that is set to be released later in 2020 will have no charger at all.

Now, let's first get one thing straight here. Apple has taken some bold moves in the past, like removing the headphone jack in the iPhone, as well as some other ports in devices like the MacBook Air. But we can do without a headphone jack as Apple has switched to the EarPods.

Removing something that is essential to actually use the device, like removing the charger cable and adapter plug from the iPhone box, seems quite bold to say the least.

There are two ways to look at this though. One is to assume that Apple wants to move to another type of charger technology, like wireless charging, but then why not include a wireless charger of some sort in the box? And the other reason is that Apple assumes that most iPhone users already have a perfectly working charger at home already.

The most likely reason, though, is because of e-waste cost. There was a study done on how many people don't make use of the charger from a new phone and just use the one they already have, and the results are shocking. The statistics show that over 300,000 tons of e-waste are from in-box chargers alone. Imagine what that costs the consumer as well as the environment...

Take a look at the video below by YouTuber, Marques Brownlee, titled, The iPhone 12 Could Ship With No Charger.

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