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Elgato launches new gadgets for live streamers to make their workflow more seamless, convenient and appealing.

Elgato is one of those tech brands you just fall in love with. They offer a complete solution to DIY video productions, with little tech bits and bobs to make your workflow that much more simplified.

They have now released a couple of gadgets that are suited specifically for live streamers.

Live streaming has become a huge platform for content creators around the globe and, for the most part, it's completely free of charge on most social platforms. The only issue is that, in order to make your video and content quality better, you always had to invest in products that are not necessarily designed for this purpose. Rather, they're aimed at professional videographers who work out in the field or in large production studios.

Elgato has tackled this head-on, and now offer products such as a variety of live stream decks. They can be programmed to perform a variety of different tasks at your fingertips to aid in controlling your live streams. They also offer audio solutions, lighting and gadgets for desk and home studio customisation.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Elgato Launches New Products For Streamers.

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