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According to Thomas Le, the creator behind this conceptual design, earbuds just aren't quite where they should be. The touch controls can be difficult and tedious to navigate, or even worse, tend to dislodge from your ears altogether.

These conceptual mobile wireless earbuds have been designed with ultimate functionality in mind to ensure that users are never left feeling as though they are out of touch. Doing away with any touch-based controls, the headphones instead incorporate a spinning dial that will let users physically cycle through various functions to turn up music volume, change tracks, access voice assistants and more.

The mobile wireless earbuds highlight a streamlined aesthetic thanks to the micro-sized dial over touch-based controls. The lightweight design is intended to sit comfortably in the ear to ensure that the headphones will stay in place during your whole commute or if you're partaking in some exercise.

For now, there are not any details as to this product will ever see the market, but there is definitely a demand for a design like these mobile wireless earbuds, so let's hold thumbs!

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