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Microsoft has a few new accessories on the way for the Xbox One and PC gamers. Along with three brand new Wireless Controllers in Xbox 360-style. 

Grey/Green, hot red or Volcano Shadow and Halo-esque variants, the gaming company has announced a brand-new Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 which is a little USB stick that is 66 percent smaller than the original. The miniature USB adapter – which allows you to use an Xbox One controller on your PC – can be purchased for $25 on its own, or it can be purchased as a bundle with the plain black controller for $80. 

The new controllers have all the regular features you expect from an Xbox One device, including the textured or rubberized grip, a decent wireless range and Bluetooth for gaming on your PC or mobile device without an adapter. These redesigns will be available in September, and the itty-bitty wireless adapter will be available January 31, 2018, and you can pre-order all of these new peripherals now. Have a look at the gallery to see the redesigned controllers and the Wireless USB adapter. 

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