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The world is becoming wireless and interconnected, which is leading to many opportunities for mobile technology to grow. The human race depends on smartphones, tablets, industrial wireless sensors and unattended vehicles. That is where Wi-Charger comes in, it is a developed remote charging solution that enables mobile and wireless devices to seamlessly recharge themselves without user interaction.

Wi-Charge is a long-range wireless charging system that lets you charge your device wherever you are in the room. With absolutely no cord necessary, the range can be up to 10 meters indoors. Wi-Charge wireless power transfer technology provides a unique solution for this wide range of applications.

Wi-Charge uses infrared beams to deliver power to your smartphone or tablet, and these devices just have to be in Wi-Charge’s line of sight for it to charge. Although charging is slower than normal cable charging, it happens 24/7 without you even knowing that it is. Watch the seamless integration of wireless charging in the video below. 

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