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Vinci 2.0 is the world's first smart headphones to feature a built-in AI assistant that utilizes biosensing hardware and neural network learning algorithms. Basically, whenever users are listening to music and make voice commands, it collects and analyses data, such as heart rate and location in order to familiarize and predict their preferences.

With these built-in features, the in-ear device has 3G cellular, music streaming, voice assistant, health sensor and fitness coaching under its control.

"We designed these headphones to completely integrate and improve people’s music listening experience," says David Zhu, CEO/co-founder of Vinci. "We envision Vinci transforming not only the way people listen to music but also the way people interact with the world while listening to music. With just a tap or voice command, people will be able to check the weather, get directions, or order a car all through their headphones, making this the easiest on-the-go listening experience — no smartphone needed."

The Vinci 2.0 are more than just headphones, they function more like a computer or smartphone. It is powered by a MediaTek quad-core Cortex A7 processor with 1GB of RAM. It allows the device to enhance voice control to play music, make phone calls, receive calendar alerts, ask for health and workout statistics, and sync with Amazon Alexa.

Furthermore, as the first headphones to use built-in 3G cellular and wifi connectivity, their features are available wherever the user goes. All these features are composed together in a sleek, stylish and lightweight design that fits as comfortably as it looks.

Check them out in action below. 

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