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WhatsApp has been pushing out new and exciting updates lately, from trimming the Status video limit by 15 seconds in India to reduce server strain, all the way through to expiring messages.

So what exactly does this mean, and how does it work?

First, of all this feature has been renamed from "deleted messages" and "disappearing messages" and now finally the name has stuck with "expiring messages". It does sound a bit more bada$$ if you think about it.

The expiring message feature on all Android devices, which is part of the beta tester, is available through the settings menu for each chat and group chat.

The expiring messages feature, according to an online report, are likely to be visible depending on the option chosen by the user, from 1 day, 1 week or even 1 month. After the time expires, well the message disappears.

The feature is still being tested and has not been rolled out to the public just yet. WhatsApp is essentially still working on the concept but, unfortunately, there is no release date available.

For an individual chat, either participant will be able to enable or disable this feature, however, within a group chat, only the admin will be able to make their messages expire. WhatsApp will show a timer icon on the profile picture in a specific chat, which is similar to the individual chat window.

Once the feature has launched and a user chooses to enable expiring messages for a chat, all message sents by a particular participant will be removed after the fixed interval.

For now, these changes are only available to Android devices, and will hopefully be rolled out to more devices within the next few months.

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