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There might be a few users out there that dream of the day that they can ditch their smartphones, computers and tablets. It is not that you do not want to be connected to anything, but it would be better to travel from point A to point B with only one device, don't you think?

That is the idea behind the Vision X. It utilises a futuristic and flexible OLED screen system to instantly transform from tablet to phone is just a few seconds.

Imagine the endless possibilities... Need to see more on your maps app? Want to dive into your favourite strategy game? Need to hunker down and do some work while on the go? Simply extend the screen.

Equipped with x86 Software on a Snapdragon Platform by Qualcomm, it is also as powerful as some PCs when paired with a keyboard. The Vision X can become a ubiquitous part of the modern consumer lifestyle and help make it more streamlined, giving the consumer a better digital experience.

Do you think we’re getting close to having this far-out tech made available? Let us know!

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