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Ever wondered how Kelli Ann Erdman edits her Ezuzdance TikTok dance video's? Here is how to do it yourself.

Kelli Ann Erdman is, without a doubt, a TikTok sensation after her Ezuzdance dance video went completely viral – largely thanks to a unique way of editing that involves head tracking motion. When you watch one of her videos, you can't help but get absolutely mesmerised at how it's done.

Unfortunately for you, there is no simple TikTok filter or effect that will give you a similar result, you will have to do it in a third-party video editing and effects program such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects.

It would definitely help if you have some basic knowledge of one of these programs, to begin with. If you don't, have a look at one of these tutorials first to give yourself a better understanding of the basics of the program: Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects

What you will then do is perfect your dance on camera, ensuring you leave sufficient headroom and side room in your frame. This is because, when you get to using keyframes, you will have to digitally zoom in to get the head and face tracking effect.

Take a look at the video tutorial below by YouTube channel, Premiere Gal, on DANCE MOTION Camera Follow Effect as seen on TikTok in Adobe After Effects.

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