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In order to train their new AI systems, Facebook analysed over 1 Billion public Instagram images to achieve its incredibly accurate photo recognition AI system.

The Facebook group is developing a new AI system which they call SEER, and it is most likely one of the world's most accurate photo recognition systems ever created.

The whole SEER AI project is aimed at having the ability for a computer to accurately distinguish what is in a photograph that a user uploads as precisely as a human being would be able to.

In order to achieve this, Facebook used over 1 Billion public Instagram photos for its SEER AI to learn from. The system is able to recognise animals, people, locations and even inanimate objects.

This whole project will drastically improve unwanted and banned subject material that users upload to their social networks. It will also help with hashtag relevance and to prevent misuse of hashtags from users, not to mention many other things.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Facebook Uses 1 Billion Public Instagram Photos To Train Its AI.

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