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Take a look at this comparison between the first Apple iPhone and the first Android phone.

Smartphones have changed the way we think of electronic convenience. Prior to the smartphone, we used several gadgets and devices to help us with our daily tasks. If you were a businessman, you probably had a business phone with email access and a browser capability, or even just a normal phone and simultaneously made use of a portable digital assistant (or PDA) and perhaps a retro pager as well.

If you were just a regular man on the street, then you probably had the latest Motorola or Sony-Erricson, and all you cared about were polyphonic ringtones and a colour screen. If you had Bluetooth, you were legit!

But, clearly, this isn't the case anymore. We are at a point in mobile technology where you can use your phone as your car keys, your wallet, an exercise tracker and personal weather man. Heck, it can be a remote to control for your TV, airconditioning and other smart home appliances, and... wait for it... you can even use it as a phone!

But it all had to start somewhere, and where we are today in terms of smartphones is largely thanks to two top mobile manufacturing companies: Apple with the iPhone and Android.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Snazzy Labs, who compare The First iPhone vs the first Android.

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