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Although the original game concept was almost cancelled as no one believed it would sell, game designer and developer Will Wright believed in his new idea. Shortly after its initial release in the year 2000, the Sims grew into one of the biggest video game franchises the world has ever seen and is still a major video game title today.

The original Sims was far more basic than what is available today in the sense that you could create your Sims by choosing their body style, outfits and even character, then once you have created your family, you would then go on to design a lovely home for them to move into. And then lastly, you would have them move in, interact with each other and do some home renovations!

You could eventually create an entire neighbourhood and have your sims interact with each other. Not to mention the expansion packs such as The Sims Vacation and The Sims Hot Date which would give your gaming experience a lot more to offer.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: James Turner on Let's Play The Sims 1 - Part 1

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