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Fujifilm announced a square format analogue Instax camera, known as Instax Square SQ6.

The instant film camera has a 1:1 aspect ratio, which renders photos in a 2.4-inch by 2.4-inch square format. The Instax Square SQ6 has an auto-exposure control feature so that you do not have to manually tweak the settings for a perfectly exposed photo and a sensor for detecting surrounding brightness that will adjust the shutter speed accordingly.

The film camera comes with three colour filters – orange, purple and green – that can fit over the glass and add a different look to your images. There is also a selfie mode that adjusts the brightness to take better close-ups and features a small mirror located next to the lens that helps with capturing the perfect selfie.

If you feel like taking a photo with a large group of friends, there is also a built-in ten-second timer and a tripod socket so you can set up your own camera rig.

With the Instax Square SQ6, you will be able to activate other shooting modes, by pressing the shutter button twice, you can use double exposure mode, which lets you superimpose two images onto a single film. There is also a macro mode for close-ups as close as nearly 12-inches, and a landscape mode for capturing the scenery.

The Instax Square SQ6 comes in three colours: white, gold, and grey. You have to purchase Fujifilm Instax film separately, which costs $12.54 per pack of 10 prints on Amazon. The Square SQ6 comes out on May 25th in the US and Canada for $129.95 and CAD $159.99.

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