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With gaming tech on the rise, this is how a console could soon beat your PC.

As time goes by, PC and gaming technology has taken drastic leaps in improvement and, as more GPU hungry games are being developed and released, the hardware in order to run them smoothly has to support it well, for both for PCs and consoles.

With The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X about to be launched, they will set the gaming standard for the next couple of years. But, both Sony and Microsoft were well aware that they had to develop state of the art gaming hardware technology if they wanted to stay competitive in the gaming market. And what they have developed is so advanced, that gaming PCs don't even support this tech just yet.

Both companies have developed an innovative way to reduce the amount of time data takes to get from the SSD to the GPU after several I/O requests. This time factor is the main reason why games take long to load and lag during gameplay.

Although SSD's can handle a large data load, the APIs used to process this data before it reaches the GPU is outdated, in most PCs and previous gaming consoles. So what Microsoft and Sony have done is simply developed a newer version of API software, Microsoft calls theirs Direct Storage API. This filters the data through a more direct path, which in turn drastically reduces the time for data to be processed between the SSD and GPU.

However, this technology does not exist for gaming PCs...yet!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Tech Quickie, on How A Console Could Beat Your PC.

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