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If you spend a lot of time working at home at your desk then having a really organised and aesthetically pleasing workstation proves to be psychologically highly beneficial to your productivity and state of mind as you work.

Having an organised work station and one that suits your taste visually has been proven to increase productivity by quite a substantial amount and when you think about it, it actually makes perfect sense. Nobody wants to work in a mess in a rather depressing environment. If that is how you currently work, take the day off and get organising!

You can also have a look at the video at the bottom of this article to both get some inspiration as to what you can DIY and some products that will both transform your work station and provide practical storage as well.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Mike Wat on How To Level Up Your Desk Setup In 2021 - Minimalist Desk Accessories - Grovemade Major Unboxing...

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