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Cell phones can be one of the more expensive bills you have to pay at the end of each month, especially if you use a smartphone. 

What you can end up saving can lead to saving up hundreds in a few years, here are some tricks for saving on your cell phone bills:

1. Choose a no-contract deal:

Even if you can save more on a new smartphone if you sign up for a contract, you can sometimes save more if you opt for a no-contract deal and pay full price for the phone. Even though you have to pay more for the phone upfront, you can save in the long run, because then you won't have to pay any penalties if you decide to cancel the contract.

2. Comparison shop:


The best decision you can make, before you buy the latest smartphone, is to shop around. Check out what phone and plan suit your needs, you can compare different carrier plans and pricing by simply checking out the plans you are considering online. 

3. Get a prepaid phone: 

A pay-as-you-go phone can save a lot of money, and won't be locked down in a contract. Another benefit is you will know exactly what you are going to be charged, and you will not worry about a monthly bill.

4. Use text apps:

If you own a smartphone, then you will be able to download one of many free texting apps on your phone like WhatsApp.

5. Be aware of roaming:

Keep in mind if you travel a lot and you are outside certain areas that your carrier does not support, you will be charged with roaming rates. Check with your carrier before you travel internationally and make sure you get the Wifi passwords for the hotel you are staying at. 

6. Use Wifi:

Use Wifi whenever you can to conserve data on your smartphone. Wifi is available in a ton of places, be sure to access it where possible. 

Save money! Save Time! 




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