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Instagram is now filtering out negative comments on its social platform.

Instagram, and inevitably Facebook to follow, will now hide all comments that are negative in nature and tone. We, as the user, don't know how they will do this as we don't have access to this type of data, but it is most likely done by searching for specific words and phrases and then not necessarily deleting them, but rather hiding them and then letting users choose if they want to see them. Very similar to how Facebook hides graphic content.

Furthermore, Instagram will also give a warning to users about to post comments with a negative connotation by displaying a pop-up banner when the user is just about to post which brings up the negative comment warning and then warns that the comment may be hidden.

Instagrams new approach to filtering out and hiding negative comments is to give a "cleaner" and positive image to their social media platforms as well as still catering for free speech.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel: LaterClips on No More Negative Comments on Instagram.

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