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Instagram has been doing a lot of changes to its social platform over the last couple of months, but now there is an entirely new way fans can consume content from their favourite creators.

Instagram is launching a new subscription feature that will allow users to consume exclusive content from creators at a fee of course. This idea is clearly copied from the concept of the internet application Only Fans where you have to pay to consume content. However, no word has been announced as of yet as to what kind of content this new Instagram feature will consist of but rumours have suggested that there will be a far less strict ban on the kind of content so it is probably safe to assume there will be no limitation of explicit and adult content within these limitations.

Fans will be able to consume content by means of supporting a creator through purchasing Instagram Badges as well as Subscriptions.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Instagram Has An Exclusive Content Feature...

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