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With modern-day smartphone camera technology, can you actually tell the difference between the video footage of an iPhone 11 Pro and a high-end cinema camera, like the Red One MX?

The RED One MX is not necessarily the latest and greatest camera by RED. However, it's responsible for giving us feature films such as The Social Network, Transformers, The Hobbit and many many more... And the iPhone 11 Pro is what you have in your pocket!

After the comparison in the video you'll see below, you might struggle to spot the difference between the footage of the iPhone 11 Pro and the RED One MX. Subtle differences that give the game away are the shallow depth of field in lower light from the RED, but this is more because of the type of lens used for that shot in comparison to the iPhone. But, otherwise, the footage is hardly differentiable.

The biggest reason why cinema cameras are used in film is largely due to the camera's ability to recognise detail in both the highlights and shadows of one exposure (the dynamic range), and the ability to shoot in various uncompressed formats, such as Cinema RAW or Pro-Res 422, or Pro-Res 444. These drastically aid in post-production to get that cinema look and feel. But, most importantly, cinema cameras offer a wide variety of lenses that essentially help the viewer connect with the subject or series of events.

This is not to say you can't shoot some decent footage on the iPhone. As a matter of fact, you can get some great shots! Always remember, the best camera available is the one you have on you!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Aaron and Kat, on the iPhone 11 Pro vs RED One MX - Hollywood Movie Camera.

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