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The Apple iPhone 13 might feature a powerful M1 chip, just like the rest of the new Apple product lineup.

It goes without saying that we can expect a new Apple iPhone around September or October 2021. But, we don't know what it will be called yet. The most logical guess would be the iPhone 13.

In September of last year, we got introduced to the new silicon-based Apple M1 chip, which now is exclusively made by Apple after they ditched Intel. The mighty M1 chip was then offered to the Apple Mac Mini, MacBook Air as well as the Apple MacBook Pro. However, Apple did not release the new iPhone during this event. Apple waited a month to launch the new iPhone 12, which featured the A14 Bionic chip.

Since this event, Apple has included the M1 chip into the iPad Pro as well as the new 2021 iMac. It is only logical that Apple will include the mighty M1 chip into the next iPhone, which is set to be launched near the end of this year.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Front Page Tech, on the iPhone 13 - M1 Chip Coming To iPhone! Crazy Power And Exclusive.

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