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If you are one of those particularly obsessed shutterbugs - you'll know about the incredible feature in both photography and videography: the timelapse!

A timelapse is a video or series of photos in intense speed, showing cities, people, nature and more evolving over time. 

But this video and photo feature is way more complicated than just putting a video in serious fast forward - there is a specific art to creating a successful timelapse. This includes the type of camera you use, the features and settings it has, and the equipment that accompanies your project.

Most importantly, a timelapse requires patience. Some time lapses last hours, but some last days - and even months or years! A timelapse (whatever kind it may be) requires time. And that is the most important ingredient you need. 

In this video, see some of the best and most beautiful and most out-of-this-world timelapses. This is incredible to watch!


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