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Mark Zuckerberg seems worried and concerned about Facebook and Instagrams competitor TikTok, or are his reasons in his own interest.

Facebook and Instagram CEO Mark Zuckerberg expresses his concerns for video sharing social media giant TikTok over its ban in India and potentially other countries soon.

However, TikTok has proven to be one of Facebooks and Instagrams main competitor currently. Social Media has shown to follow and grow with specific generations. There was a discussion around this exact topic and the statistics show that younger generations don't particularly want to be on the same social media platforms as their parents like what Facebook is built upon, Facebook realised this and noticed that then younger generations would make use of the picture-sharing social network Instagram. And thankfully for Facebook, Instagram was bought over by the same company. However, that was close to a decade ago already.

TikTok has grown at an exponential and record braking amounts and currently, in 2020, has over 2 Billion downloads.

But surely if TikTok has been banned in India, surely this is fantastic news to its competitor, Facebook? Then why is Zuckerberg concerned? Or is it maybe because Facebook and Instagram might suffer the same fate?

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel: LaterClips on Zuckerberg is "worried" about TikTok.

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