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Microsoft has started advertising the latest addition to the iconic Flight Simulator, set to be released in 2020. Here is the latest news and everything we know so far about the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Last year, Microsoft stunned the gaming community with its brand new Flight Simulator at E3 2019 (Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019, which took place in Los Angeles). When a new Microsoft Flight Simulator gets launched, it is nothing shy of a big deal, Microsoft never fails to exceed the limitations of simulator realism, photo-realistic graphics, sound design, accurate realtime weather as well as live air traffic control, and simply blow the minds of its fans around the world!

Take a read down below to find out the latest news and everything we know about the latest up and coming Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Release Date – When Can I Play The New Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Although the new Microsoft Flight Simulator was announced a few months shy of a year ago, there is still no official release date yet. All we know is that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be launched sometime in 2020. And, much like all the previous Flight Simulators, it will only be available for Microsoft PC and, like the previous version of Flight Simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator X, it will be made for Xbox too.

Alpha Testing – How Can I Play Microsoft Flight Simulator Now?

Although there is no easy way around this, being able to play the new 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator now is indeed possible. Microsoft game developers allow for the public to sign up and apply to become an alpha tester, which allows the Microsoft gaming team to achieve maximum and thorough testing data prior to officially launching Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. However, Microsoft allowing for alpha testing does come at a bit of a risk, there is no way to control leaked gameplay footage and experience prior to the release of the game. There was a case of an alpha tester who leaked over an hour of gameplay online, which was taken down shortly thereafter.

Will Microsoft Flight Simulator Have Real-Time Air Traffic?

Much like that incredible mobile app called FlightRadar, 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator will support real-time air traffic so, in theory, you will be able to track a simulator flight with your FlightRadar mobile app. You should find real flights in 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator too so, if you know someone who will be boarding a flight soon, you could fly side-by-side with that flight – if you have the skill to do so, that is. But the question is, what happens if your internet connection gets interrupted during mid-flight? Will you lose all live traffic? Not even close. 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator is so advanced that even if you lose connection during gameplay, 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator will allow its advance AI system to take over those flights for that period.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Multiplayer

Much like some previous versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator, many multiplayer options will be available in the gameplay to enhance your experience. But what about those annoying players who just want to ruin it for everyone else by trying to crash into you, causing nothing but destructive behaviour? You now have the ability to filter out destructive gameplay behaviour out of your simulation, and just play with your group of nerds only!

What else is new in 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator? Impress me!

First of all, it was a requirement for 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator to have the most accurate representation of planet Earth as possible to allow Flight Simulator gamers to fly over every square inch of the world with an unseen before sense of realism. With that said, the developers of 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator also wanted to put a lot more detail and effort into the airports around the world, with a statement saying it will support every registered airport in the world with eye-watering detail!

2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator Weather

We were mightly impressed with the weather simulation and realism in Microsoft Simulator X, which was launched towards the end of 2006, and remains the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator available until the new one releases later this year. But 2006 is a significantly long time ago, and in the gaming community, it's rendered as prehistoric! 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator is expected to produce the most accurate and realistic weather systems in real-time.

Will 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator support VR (virtual reality)

Although no official report or confirmation has been announced for 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator yet, the likelihood of the game having VR capabilities is exceptionally high. VR will give the gaming experience a mich more realistic simulation experience, which will allow the gaming pilot to look around the cockpit just by looking in that direction, as opposed to pushing buttons on the controller or keyboard, or having multiple screens to game with. However, a supported VR headset will be required.

What about 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator Mods and expansions?

Mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator games have been supported and created by third-parties for many years, and for quite a few versions,  including Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. The mods include graphic maps for specific airports and cities, and a variety of different aeroplanes to choose from. 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator is no different, and will support mods from third-party developers as well.

Take a look at the video below to give yourself a taste of just how amazing the brand new 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator is going to be! So put your pilot hat on and get ready to travel the world!


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