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Microsoft has created a brand new wireless gaming headset for the new Xbox.

Sony recently revealed their new wireless gaming headset for the Playstation 5, and it's about time that Microsoft did the same for the Xbox market. Now they have.

Unlike the mediocre headsets available by gaming console manufacturers in the past, it looks as if Microsoft has created a seriously good headset that could rival the top third-party manufacturers out there.

Microsoft has upped their game with the new Xbox wireless headset ,especially with new and innovative features. These include the handy auto-mute and voice isolation features, which work together whilst gaming with others to create crystal clear chats, and not to mention the incredible 15 hours of battery life!

But, while you're gaming, it is so easy to get trapped in that world and not hear anything around you. So, what Microsoft has incorporated is a Bluetooth system that allows the user to connect to their smartphones and seamlessly take calls and hear notifications received.

The new Xbox wireless headset is also going to be reasonably priced, and is expected to be launched at around $99,00.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Microsoft's New Xbox Wireless Gaming Headset.

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