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If you ask any vlogger to describe what features they would include if they had the opportunity to create their very own vlogging camera and you would end up getting a list of feature requests as long as your arm.

For instance, it should have the ability to record 4K video, in various framerates too. It should be small and unobtrusive, so it could be carried around at arm's length, without damaging that same arm due to its weight. And, importantly, it needs an external microphone input so they can record clean, crisp audio to the same device they are filming with.

According to images shared by PhotoRumors.com, the alleged Canon G7 X Mark III will be able to shoot 4K video and will come with the elusive microphone input that compact cameras often lack. It is not clear if the screen will just angle up or down or if it will flip around entirely, but the prior Canon G7 X Mark II does have a flip around display.

Features like that would make the G7 X Mark III quite the compelling camera for both new vloggers and experienced ones alike. The G7 X cameras use a 1-inch class sensor, which provides much better images and video quality than the sensors found in smartphones, yet still allows for a small and compact camera that can fit into a pocket with ease.

The next big event in the camera world is the CP+ trade show in Japan at the start of March. Chances are we’ll know for sure if this alleged G7 X Mark III will take over the vlogging world, or if it will just stay in the shadows of Sony.

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