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We are without a doubt living in a very exciting time for space travel, exploration and scientific breakthroughs with brand new missions set for the moon, The International Space Station, Mars and even Venus!

With new reusable rocket technologies at our disposal, it is now also cheaper than ever to send humans on these space missions. Here we take a look at 3D scale rocket size comparisons for space ships in 2021:

  1. Long March 5 Version B - China - 53.7 Metres In Lenth
  2. NASA Atlas V - USA - 59.7 Metres In Lenth
  3. Vulcan Centaur - USA - 61.6 Metres In Lenth
  4. SpaceX Falcon 9 - USA - 70 Metres In Lenth
  5. SpaceX Falcon Heavy - USA - 70 Metres In Lenth
  6. NASA ULA - USA - 70.7 Metres In Lenth
  7. Blue Origin New Glenn - USA - 98 Metres In Lenth
  8. NASA Space Launch Vehicle - USA - 98 Metres In Lenth
  9. NASA Space Launch System - USA - 111 Metres In Lenth
  10. SpaceX Starship - USA - 120 Metres In Lenth

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: News Think on the 3D Rocket Size Comparison 2021...

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