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Neill Blomkamp's stunning scrappy 2009 debut District 9, is what brought him to the foreground, and now it seems he is working on a new collaboration.

Blomkamp's films all share a love of a particularly gritty industrial mechanical armour aesthetic. From District 9 to Elysium to Chappie to even his Alien 5 pitch, which never happened, basically, Neill just loves putting people in tough robot suits.

It really shouldn't come as a surprise to you that Blomkamp is now teasing about a collaboration with Anthem, BioWare's upcoming multiplayer loot shooter that's all about the joy of putting people in tough robot suits. A dream come true!!

Blomkamp tweeted the image above of an Anthem armour, which is called "Javelins" in the Anthem game, along with the message "Been working on something new. Really excited to share this soon!". Majority of the Javelins, in Anthem, kind of look the same, in that they all already look like armours from a Neill Blomkamp conceptual movie. So we can't immediately tell what we are going to see here.

Might this be a new version of the Prawn armour from District 9? Is it Matt Damon's little exo-suit from Elysium? Or could in fact be a new version of Chappie? So many different questions to ask...

However, all will be revealed in due time, if the answer isn't already obvious to you. You might remmeber that District 9 also rose from the ashes of Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp's abandoned Halo movie. It's why sci-fi guns were so great. 

If you can figure out its pre-order system (or aren't too busy playing Apex Legends) Anthem launches on February 22 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. We just really hope that that Die Antwoord isn’t in this round. 

You can check out the live-action story of survival set in the world of Anthem, decades before the events of the game, here!

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