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Netflix has added a new and highly useful playback feature that people have been asking for for some time.

Streaming service applications like YouTube and Netflix have to have a user interface that is easy to use, simple to navigate through to find content, and it needs to have some basic controls such as play, pause, skip and rewind. However, a few years ago, YouTube introduced user control over playback speed and the options are 0.25 x, 0.5 x, 75 x, Normal, 1.25 x, 1.5 x, 1.75 x and 2 x faster.

A few days ago, Netflix announced that they would offer the same features to their user interface and offer variable playback speed options.

Some are completely baffled as to why one would want to change the playback speeds, especially of movies and not just a YouTube video. The reasons are personal and quite subjective but have proved to be useful to those who would prefer to catch up a few episodes in a shorter amount of time, or are in a hurry. Altering the playback speeds on both YouTube and Netflix doesn't affect the audio pitch, so it still delivers great sound. Furthermore, having the ability to slow the footage down has proven to be a blessing for people with hearing disabilities or who struggle to read the subtitles/captions in the timeframe made available to them.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, LaterCLips, on New Netflix Feature Everyone Was Asking For.

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