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The upcoming documentary, Netflix Vs The World, showcases the two-decade journey from DVD stores to the world's largest streaming channel and production company.

The documentary shows Netflix time as a struggling Silicon Valley startup, and its years-long struggle against competitors like Blockbuster and Amazon, and all the behind-the-scenes drama and disaster along the way. Shawn Cauthen directs Netflix Vs The World, which sees him join forces with author-journalist Gona Keating to interview a number of people involved in the company's formative years as well as entertainment industry observers.

Interviewees include Netflix founding team: Marc Randolph (co-founder), Christina Kish (marketing chief), Corey Bridges (customer acquisition), Jim Cook (operations), Boris and Vita Droutman (computer engineers), Heidi Nyburg (product management), Erich Ziegler (marketing), Paul Kirincich (analytics), Steve Swasey (communications), Tom Dillon (COO), and Tracy de Soto (assistant to Reed Hastings).

The filmmakers also spoke with Blockbuster's John Antioco (chairman and CEO), Nick Shepard (COO), Shane Evangelist (General Manager Blockbuster Online), Ben Cooper (Blockbuster Online marketing), JW Craft (Blockbuster Online operations) and Alan Payne (Former Blockbuster Franchisee).

Netflix Vs The World does not have a release date as yet, but there is a Kickstarter page you can check out to learn more about the documentary. In the meantime have a look at the trailer here:

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