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The Oobah App allows you to book a lookalike of yourself to do something you don't want to do.

Vice journalist, Oobah Butler, is best known for his rather controversial social experiments. Like the time he tried to get to number 1 on Trip Advisor for the best restaurant in London, which he succeeded in doing without even having a restaurant!

He also managed to get invited as a VIP to Paris Fashion Week without a fashion label of his own.

All his endeavours around these experiments of his got him thinking of an application idea. Essentially, you could hire a lookalike online to do something that you that you don't necessarily want to do, or are not good at doing. So that's exactly what Butler did, and called this app Oobah.com.

There was a video made about someone who didn't want to attend his high school 10-year reunion, so he hopped on Oobah.com and organised a lookalike to go on his behalf. Another example of exactly that is the video below where a husband wanted his wife to have the opportunity to live out one of her dreams to go skydiving, but he was far too afraid, so Oobah.com was at his disposal, and she never found out!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Vice, on I Sent A Lookalike To Skydive With My Wife & She Didn’t Realise.

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