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More and more grocery outlets now offer quick delivery to your door, usually with a limit to how much you can buy. Regardless, it is very efficient and convenient, but they are not even close to what Ocado's grocery warehouses are doing in the United Kingdom.

What this warehouse does is essentially cut out the walk-in shopping experience where customers have to walk up and down each aisle to find what they are looking for. Essentially, it's a similar concept to Amazon, but with groceries.

A customer simply hops online and places their order. As soon as they hit the confirm button, an entire network of robots gets to work instantly at the warehouse, gathering your groceries and dispatching them as quickly as possible – and the process is fully automated as well!

Could this concept be the future of grocery stores around the world? We don't see any reason as to why this wouldn't be the case.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Tom Scott, on How Many Robots Does It Take To Run A Grocery Store?

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