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Here is a comparison of different rocket sizes in 2020.

Rockets have been around for just shy of a thousand years. They were invented by the Chinese who started experimenting with gun powder and discovered that tubes filled with gun power could launch themselves once ignited.

Fast forward a couple of hundred years, and these same principles powered ships that put the first people in space and on the moon, as well as putting satellites in space that travel through our solar system.

There have been many different shapes and sizes of rockets that have been launched into space, each for a specific purpose. Most of the most famous rockets to leave the Earth's gravitational pull are from Russia, the United States of America and China. All of which have both smaller rockets and some that are sky-piercingly tall.

Some space rockets are only around 13 metres tall, while others tower this at a staggering 118 metres! Even taller ones in the development pipeline from companies like SpaceX and NASA, which plan on exploring other potentially habitable planets like Mars in the distant future.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, RED SIDE, on Rocket Size Comparison 2020.

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