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So far NASA has landed four rovers on Mars, and while the idea of sending humans to the red planet is a hot topic, there are no concrete plans to actually make the journey happen. When it does indeed happen, the brave folks who make the trip are going to need something to drive on the planet's surface if they hope to do any exploring. So with that in mind, NASA has revealed a new concept vehicle that has no business being sent to Mars, but they are still very excited about it anyway!

The vehicle which has been named "Mars rover" looks like a Batmobile. It is futuristic and looks like it would be more at home in the next Alien movie than actually being driven by astronauts. Packed with displays and controls that are straight up sci-fi and looks both rugged and intimidating. 

Despite it being shown off at the Kenedy Space Center Visitor Complex and wearing NASA's own badge right on its nose, it is not a NASA product. The vehicle was actually crafted by a team of custom car builders who were clearly aiming for a specific look at the expense of all else. It does suck that NASA won't send one of these Batmobiles to Mars, but just seeing the whole concept and idea behind what we can expect to happen in the future is still pretty exciting. 

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