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Samsung has announced a brand new laptop called the Blade Bezel, with a 93% coverage ultra-sleek display.

Tech companies always try to push boundaries with a 'better this and a better that' than the previous model. But, this time, Samsung has done something rather different.

Not only has Samsung ticked all the boxes when it comes to pushing what is possible, but they have completely reimagined the possibilities of what can actually be done.

Samsung has released a new laptop which they call the Blade Bezel, and for good reason. This ultra-modern laptop features a display that is not only bezel-free, but the stunning OLED display is the thinnest in the world. Samsung managed to put its standard display on a diet, and shave off 1.1mm from the thickness of the world's thinnest laptop screen. The display in the Blade Bezel is only 1mm thick.

The overall laptop now is incredibly slim, with an ultra-sleek appearance. With a screen coverage of 93%, there is no room for a video conference camera, so Samsung has adopted back-screen camera technology, so you won't even notice there is a camera behind your display.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Samsung Display, on the Samsung Blade Bezel OLED Ultra Sleek Laptop.

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