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Samsung's groundbreaking folding screen flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, has a significant price drop.

Samsung took the entire world by surprise when they released the mammoth folding smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, and it was listed as one of the most desirable smartphones of all time. There was, however, only one major problem, its excessive price.

Now, Samsung has reduced their flagship folding smartphone by $200 to $1,800 per unit. And, on top of that, they are offering Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip owners a further $200 incentive to help spread the world.

Samsung Z owners can use the Samsung Members app to share a unique referral code with their friends and family, which will then grant them a $100 Samsung credit towards their new smartphone. Plus, the recipient of the referral will also receive a $100 credit incentive to use at any Samsung store.

It is, however, unclear as to what Samsung's goal with the incentive program actually is. It might be to simply gain more Z Fold and Z Flip customers, or they might be wanting to get rid of older stock to make room for a new model.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Price Drop.

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