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Here is why the new trend of shipping smartphones without a charger in the box is actually more environmentally harmful in the bigger picture.

The latest trend that Apple started was the fact that the new iPhone 12 doesn't ship with a charger, and even before that, they didn't include earphones in the box either. And other companies such as Samsung and Xiaomi mocked Apple for doing this, but conveniently did the exact same thing literally with their next smartphone models.

The argument that Apple had was that if they didn't ship a charger with their new smartphone, the iPhone box would then be sufficiently smaller which in return makes the company far more carbon neutral. This much is true, but what they fail to mention is that it's by no means more environmentally friendly as a whole if you factor into account the more packaging required to ship a charger or a set of headphones separately, as well as the additional trips the shipping companies have to do to deliver these additional "add-on" products.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Mr Who's The Boss on The Real Reason Why You Don't Get A Charger Anymore...

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