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The Amazon Alexa has become a standard device and accessory in tens of thousands of peoples homes and has proven to be really useful and convenient but more so in the entertainment aspect, even though it is capable of performing more useful tasks like looking up various questions on the internet for you, letting you know what the weather forecast will be and even set alarms and reminders for you.

However, the brand new Amazon Alexa Update now allows the device to detect potentially harmful situations such as that of running water in the event that someones leaves a tap running in their house. However, the new Alexa update is intelligent enough to detect whether or not someone is in the room with the running water. It is able to distinguish that by using inaudible ultrasound waves.

This technology will also allow the Amazon Alexa to notify you when appliances are finished with a cycle such as a washing machine.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Amazon Alexa's New Update Allows It To Detect Running Water...

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