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Apple says that they might have to completely stop selling iPhone's in the UK, as too much might be at stake after they infringed a patent.

Apple is notorious for their engagement in legal battles over the years, but this one could be so severe that they might withdraw each and every Apple product from an entire country because of it.

Apple recently released the iPhone 12, which contains wireless network technologies that are patented in the UK. A tech company by the name of Optis Cellular Technologies owns the patent and has taken Apple UK to court. This is the second time Optis Cellular Technologies has sued Apple for similar reasons, of which they have already won a legal battle and settled on $506 Million.

This time, however, Optis Cellular Technologies is after an eye-watering $7 Billion. Apple has stated that they will pull out of the UK market entirely if they're made to pay that amount.

Apple's defence is that why should they pay a patent owner if they don't intend on using the technology themselves.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Apple Threatens To Leave UK Market Completely...

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