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With the brand new 2021 Matrix movie on the verge of being released into cinemas later this year after nearly 20 years since the last movie, it is probably not a bad idea to either watch the first 3 movies again to have the storyline fresh in your mind before watching the new fourth movie but if time is of the essence, then don't worry, we have found a great video clip to get you up to speed on the intricate storyline or if you just want to have a refresher of it.

The Matrix is one of those movies where you probably have to watch it a good number of times before you really start to get to grips with what is actually going on within the story. You'll have your perception of reality shift a bit as you start to question everything in existence as the Matrix, as sci-fi as it is, still seems to be quite a plausible concept!

The fourth Matrix Movie is set to be released on 22-12-2021.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: IGN on The Matrix Trilogy Recap In Six Minutes...

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