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The home button on the iPhone was one of the most familiar features of any Apple product and its users were so familiar with it that its usability was essentially second nature, so why did Apple actually decide to remove it from the iPhone X onwards?

Well, it wasn't necessarily to just make the iPhone different, but rather for some practical reasons as well. There are two main reasons as to why Apple made the rather risky decision to remove the home button completely from the iPhone and the first reason was due to make the iPhone's display that much larger without increasing the physical size of the phone. With the home button removed, the screen could fill up a larger area and reach closer to the bezels.

Secondly, removing the home button makes the iPhone far more durable in the sense that there is one less thing that could potentially break, as well as making the ensure device more whether sealed and waterproof.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Apple Explained on Why Apple Removed The Home button...

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