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We already knew from all the teased images online what the Fusion would look like. With the gunmetal grey exterior and grip-friendly texture edges, it doesn't look too different from the Hero5 Black. Although there are some key differences, obviously the main one is that there are two lenses, one on the front and one on the rear.

It is also a little bigger than the current Hero5 Black and is fully square. The two lenses are set into the body without the typical GoPro square/flat protection cap. This is so that the camera can get an unobstructed view through 180-degrees and not just straight ahead of it. The images show only the pre-production versions, but GoPro assures that this is the final design of the GoPro Fusion. 

Despite having two 'equal' sides, one of the sides has the classic small LCD display for showing what mode the camera is in. There are of course the usual power and highlight buttons but we still have so much to find out about the new GoPro, for now, this is what the final design will look like. 

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